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There are Just a few rules that we all must follow:



1. It’s a book club entirely for ladies so no men are allowed.


2. No talks about politics at all.


3. No racism or impoliteness to anyone.



And that’s it! If you’d like to join our humble little book club, please fill the form up below.



- or you send us a direct message on our Instagram page @bookwormsofuae, or email the moderator directly with the answers to the questions below as an alternative route, especially if you have not received a response from us yet!


[email protected]

We hold monthly meet ups in Dubai and Sharjah to talk about books and to simply just relax and have fun.  


We choose a Book of the Month every month to read and discuss in the meet ups we hold and also decide on what to read next while we're there. You can bring a book with you as well for recommendations.


You have no obligation to finish the book of each month, it is absolutely up to you if you would like to read it or not. You will still be warmly welcomed in our monthly meetings.


We talk about everything starting from mainly books, Netflix to even clothes and makeup!

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The Book Club for Bookworms in UAE

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Have you ever read a book that made you love and admire it so much that you wished you knew someone who had read the same book and felt the same way like you did?


Have you ever wished you could just have a bunch of friends with whom you could ‘fangirl’ your favorite bookish characters with?


Then don’t worry, The Bookworms are here!

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