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Just a Different Girl


I think I'm in love with you

Or maybe I just found a soul

as damaged as mine


for a minute I thought

perhaps for the first time

I won't be alone


as both of us will stay beside each other

seek refuge in the miseries of one another

and explore both of ours deepest scars

discover its beginning

Learn its past


"Did it sting?"

"What caused you to do this?" make others uncomfortable

And simply

be there to remind ourselves

"life gets better" "this isn't the end"

"we have God and each other"


except I'm a fool

who waited too long

for you to make the move


now that you left

I can only give you glad tidings

and move forward

and wish to find another soul

just like yours –his ship has sailed



-Samia Islam

-IG: @samiaisanidiot

His Ship Had Sailed...


The roots are blooming,

the ground is starting to be filled with entities

The roots are intertwining with every possible sense


The roots are tangled up with anger

But anger… anger isn’t a bad thing as they claimed


Anger is a revolution Anger is a savior,

anger is a rebellious sense Anger is the womb for every unborn possibility of worthwhile lives


Anger creates, creates and creates

Anger inhales the life right into the bodies


“Anger” will always remain a significantly immense sense that words won’t justify.



- @Reemamaybex

Perplexing Inwardness


She’s just a shy girl…

Sometimes bold, sometimes not.

And in her mind, a thousand words she could utter,

but all she does is smile.



She’s just reserved…

Sometimes coy, sometimes not.

And in her mind, a thousand opinions she could express,

but all she does is bow.



She’s just a coward…

Sometimes with you, and only with you.

And in her mind, a thousand scenarios she could

make happen but all she does is flee.



She’s just a different girl…

Sometimes around you, and only around you.

And in her mind, a thousand thoughts would save her

from this headache but all she does is stay.


- Nada