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Book Review for: The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa


By SAMAMA, Mar 4 2020 11:45AM



I read a heart wrenching love story for the month of February. Not the clichéd romantic novels, though, but something completely different, yet spectacular. It was the love story of a cat with their owner. And as a cat-mom, I could relate.


I don’t think I cried so much while reading a book in the last 3 years as much as I did while I read the last few chapters of The Traveling Cat Chronicles. I mean, tears flowed down my cheeks as I tried hiding my sobs. That’s how deep the story affected my emotions.


The chapters where the wise cat – Nana – explained everything from his perspective were my most favorite parts in this book. I loved the adventures the cat Nana and the human Satoru went to as well. I loved Satoru’s everlasting optimistic personality even after all the crap life threw his way. In short, I absolutely loved this novel through and through.


All the characters and their personalities were so on point, and so was their development.


This book will leave your heart raw and weeping, but by the end you’ll feel contented.


I recommend everyone to read this book, especially if you have pets, or a cat. Read this if you’ve had a darling cat or a dog that had to leave you to go to the afterlife, or you had to give them away to someplace else for unfortunate circumstances. This book might give you the peace and closure your heart always needed.


Short message to the ones who read this book: I imagined the commentary of Nana in the voice of Daniel Craig. Hehe.


I loved this book so much. Thank you Sherin for bullying me into reading this. 5 stars seemed too less for this amazing piece of artwork. 5/5 stars.    


“Humans who think we don’t understand them are the stupid ones.” - Hiro Arikawa, The Travelling Cat Chronicles  

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THE CODE HUNTERS  by  Jackson Coppley

the code hunters


Dr. Anay Ayarovu


A secret lost in time. A prophesied savior found. Can a naïve hero return his people to the stars?

Aspiring novelist Lael believes he’s destined for greatness. But he’s stunned when a talking pig arrives with a prophecy naming him the Chosen One. Guided by a vision, he embarks on a life-threatening quest to reopen the gates to forgotten interstellar worlds.

Chronicling his encounters with volcanoes spewing body parts and monstrous hybrid beasts, Lael discovers dark secrets buried within his own realm. And when a mysterious flying tree takes him into dangerous territory, his grand ambition may come to a deadly end.

Can the people’s last hope fulfill his destiny, or will he watch his planet die?

The Dawn of Athir is the enthralling first adventure in the STAZR The World of Z science fiction fantasy series. If you like imaginative creatures, wisecracking heroes, and magical lands, then you’ll love Dr. Anay Ayarovu’s utterly unique tale.

STAZR THE WORLD OF Z  by  Dr. Anay Ayarovu



Get Ready for Action and Adventure!

Meet Nicholas Foxe and his team of Code Hunters…

In Afghanistan, a young boy stumbles into a fierce firefight.

An Army Ranger makes a snap decision that sets in motion events beyond his imagination.

In New Mexico, caver Tom Littleton discovers a 10,000-year-old coded tablet far too advanced for ancient people to have created it.

In Boston, Rachael Friedman, a leading physics professor, unlocks a key to the mysterious code.

And in Italy, a violin maker and his autistic daughter show the way to a secret chamber where a medieval scholar has locked away more clues.

Wealthy adventurer Nicholas Foxe leads this unlikely team to solve the mystery of the code. But dark forces threaten to destroy The Tablet and the people who know about it…

The Televangelist who intends to profit from his “religious” interpretation of The Tablet.

A Washington Senator who secretly serves a powerful constituent.

The mysterious Texan who foresees extraordinary wealth by owning The Tablet.

A Bombmaker in Queens who serves the latest in destructive products.

The Code Huntersis a Thriller for the reader who:

Wants the Adventure of Indiana Jones,

Likes the pace and puzzles of The Da Vinci Code,

Or just enjoys a Mystery Page-Turner.


dr. anay ayarovu