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My favorite bookmark from my favorite book ACOMAF


My beloved bookmarks

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I love washi tapes! I love it so much that I never use them.


My 'Dream Jar'

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My big collection of Sticky notes because.. why not?

My top favorite notebooks

My cutest notebook  <3

My favorite pencils that I never use 'cause they're just too cute

These pens are just too good, it has a marker & booksmarks

My second cutest notebook

IMG_0704 IMG_0703 IMG_0702 IMG_0705

One of my buddy reader gifted me these cute gifts and I love it so much!

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NEW beautiful bookmarks and a Velaris scented candles

A collection of my beloved ACOFAR bookmarks and candle

My most favorite bookmark on top of all books

My first and beloved book sleeve

blt (1) blt (2) blt (3)

The glittering star and the pink ice cream are my most favorite decors from my book shelf

I can bet that's the fluffiest and the cutest notebook you'll ever see today.

The chess and the scribbles you see here are the little things that brighten up my bookish pics


My beautiful bookmarks from The Craft Studio AE


A bunch for pretty bookmarks