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By SAMAMA, Oct 1 2020 11:23AM

“No one knows how it feels inside my troubled mind. No one wants to.”

I only ever knew who Marilyn Monroe was and how she had died. I had never watched any of her movies before, nor did I know anything about her beyond her name and profession. However, I did always wish to know more. I wanted to know why so many people loved her so much despite her controversial past, and why they chose to count her as an inspiration. Beauty Mark by Carole Boston Weatherford helped me know so much about her. My heart is filled with so much love and respect for this woman I never met.

Marilyn Monroe, aka Norma Jeane, struggled so much throughout her whole life, then she struggled some more before she died. This book was a girl’s true tale of suffering, sadness and depression.

All she wanted was to be respected and praised for her hard work and talent and not only for her body. She wanted to work on serious roles - roles that would’ve made her acting talents shine. But in a world full of men who considered women as objects, she had tried, and she had failed.

Marilyn Monroe was a reader, and she lived among books. She loved animals, she loved music, and she was a kind, kind woman. No one cared for that, though, she was unloved in this pitiless world, and that’s all she really needed – enough love to make her want to live another day. But sadly, that didn’t happen.

I knew how this book was going to end, and yet I was hoping against all hopes that maybe things will go differently, I kept wishing if only she could’ve spent the remaining days of her life in peace, if only she could’ve gotten the help she really needed.

This heartbreaking verse novel got a full 5/5 stars from me.

By SAMAMA, Sep 24 2020 07:54PM

Amazing, fantastic, marvelous, wonderful, out of the world, awesome - ok, I’m out of adjectives, but what I’m not out of is my love for The Cruel Prince series. This is the quickest fantasy book series I ever read, so if you’re looking to read a fantasy novel with minimal commitments, The Cruel Prince will be perfect for you. It only has 3 books, and is short – if you compare it with other fantasy novels.

- Review for The Queen of Nothing –

- Spoilers Alert –

- Look Away –

I loved Cardan the best in The Queen of Nothing, he grew up to be such a kind king and his love for Jude felt so special. However, I could not find the only thing I was looking for the most in the book - more romance between Cardan and Jude. By the time Jude had confessed her love for Cardan, it didn’t feel satisfactory enough. So many things remained unsaid. It seemed to me like Cardan loved Jude more than she loved him, and I wanted her to prove me wrong.

As a lover of details, I wish there was more details on everything, like the war, schemes, Vivi and Heather’s relationship, Madoc and Oriana’s life in the mortal world, and the letters that were sent out by Cardan that never reached Jude.

Oh god. The letters,

That truth still hurts, knowing that Jude never got to know the desperate, loving words Cardan had sent to her when she thought she was in exile. We, as women, love men who are all arrogant and heedless about everything on earth apart from us – men who are crazy desperate for you and your love and attention only, that does it for us. I am still at unease knowing she’ll never get to read the letters.

I hated Taryn so much in The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King, but I loved how Taryn changed in this book, she turned into the good sister she was supposed to be. I love how she made us like and trust her again. What I loved more was the fact that there might come a scene between The Ghost and Taryn in the future and I’m so thrilled!

Of all the things I wished happened in this book, I really wish Cardan hadn’t turned into a serpent. I know it’s a fantasy series, and it’s supposed to be outrageous, but still, this was just too weird. It made me think for many seconds how unreal everything was when I didn’t think that way throughout the whole series.

Wow, I spoke a lot. 4 out of 5 stars.

By SAMAMA, Aug 26 2020 06:26PM

Love and Chocolate Biscuits is a story about Polly, a sweet 35 year old woman living in a peaceful city in Hampshire, U.K, still searching for her one true love. So online dating is one option she goes for. In a platform full of weirdos, she dreams of finding someone special in there one day – even after going through multiple terrible dates! She loves working out and going out on adventures, but she also loves eating, so slimming up for a slimming group is a little tricky yet a funny ordeal for her. But she doesn’t let it affect her, as long as Polly is happy, these things barely matter.

This book was such a sweet, simple and fluffy piece of artwork. It made me feel happy and light hearted. I loved how simple yet fun Polly’s lifestyle was, and I was instantly in love with her quirky personality. I could so relate myself to her, even though we were from totally different sides of the world. She was a foodie, and she was proud of it, so much so that sometimes her outrageous eating choices made me laugh.

The atmosphere of Hampshire described in this book sounded so breezy and comfortable, especially for someone as me who’s lived in a place with hot winds and huge skylines every day. The description was so profound that it felt like I was there myself, and I didn’t even need to travel all the way to Europe.

There came a day between my read when I couldn’t pick up the book for the whole day as I had a lot of work to do, but all I could do throughout that day was think about ‘What will she do next?’ and ‘What will she say next?’

I do wish the ending of the book wasn’t so rushed out though, I wish I had been gifted more details on Polly’s life by the end. However, because the book entertained me so much, it’s a 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.

P.S. I have to say this. I’m so mad that people don’t know about this beautiful, adorable book. I am so sad to know that this book is sitting idly in a store, untouched and unloved by readers because it wasn’t hyped enough. So as a book blogger, I want to HYPE HYPE HYPE this book and let you know that you’ll thoroughly enjoy it, I am sure.