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By SAMAMA, Dec 2 2020 08:23PM

I loved the creative mind of the author of The Genesis of Seven. I loved how she twisted the stories we used to hear in our childhood and made it so interesting for us. I especially loved the description of hell – yes, you read that right. It sounded cruel, horrifying and hilarious at the same time.

This story is about Jordan, an orphan who loves to help people. His life was going as normal as it could for him until one day, his world turned upside down and he had no home to go back to, he only had an address, his duffel and a strange bag his guardian had given him before commanding him to run away from the mysterious men who were following him.

After dodging and running away from the mysterious men who were after him and the strange bag his guardian had told him to take care of, he finally reached the address. The address that his guardian had ordered him to get to was a penthouse in New York that belonged to the archangel Gabriel.

I think you can already tell this story promises a lot of adventures.

However, this book has been the toughest one for me to review this year, because as much as I loved many chapters in this story, there were still a few chapters I couldn’t love. Like, as I read, I felt like all the interesting parts of the book were kept aside for the next book, and 70 percent of the book revolved around travelling and finding the seven archangels to help them. Jordan, the main character of this book asked many questions to the Archangels and they all answered his questions with intricate details which, sadly, I just couldn’t understand most of the time.

Apart from these, the book ended with a promise to entertain us thoroughly in the next book, and I believe it. Almost all the first books in a series are elaborated so you can get comfortable with the characters and the plot after you get into the next book – and I am guessing it is the reason why this book was written elaborately. I am looking forward into reading the next book as soon as it comes out. 3/5 stars.

By SAMAMA, Nov 11 2020 03:58PM

When writing a book, a writer gets many words, spaces, paragraphs and pages to express their stories and be able to make an impact on their reader. But as poets, they get very limited words to express their true emotions. And to be able to punch a reader in the guts with a sorrow they never knew existed is a talent only a few very talented poets can achieve.

Today I can proudly say that I found one. Sayo Juba. You’re One of Them clicked my heart from the very first page, I felt happy, sad and angry at the world within a span of an hour and yet, I couldn’t have been happier with the book.

This short yet heart touching poetry book walked me through the random characters’ childhoods, their happiness, heart breaks, grief and their loss of a friend who no longer bothers to remember them.

This book gets a full 5/5 stars from me. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

“The most difficult thing in life

Is to stare at a stranger

While he has your attention

The sweetheart thing in life

Is to stare at your lover

While he has your attention” - Sayo Juba, You’re One of Them

By SAMAMA, Oct 29 2020 06:59PM

As I kept reading The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern, I realized by the 10th chapter how excited I was to just finish this boring book quickly so I can be done with it and start reading something better. By the time I knew this book was bound to throw me into a reading slump by being so bland, it was too late – I was already buddy reading it with my friend and had already wasted 2 weeks of my time.

This book was about a man named Fergus who had a peculiar obsession towards collecting marbles. Even after living his whole childhood in an open environment with big mouthed siblings, he was unable to talk about this simple passion towards collecting marbles with his wife and daughter in fear of being laughed at and judged, so the whole story practically revolved around his mistakes. He somehow even managed to blame his passion of collecting marbles into being the main reason for cheating on his wife.

I had my mind open to hear his explanations throughout the book, but I got none. The author’s previous books had a lot more depth and emotions in them, but this lacked so much of them. I did not enjoy the story, nor could I connect to any of the characters. The only character I liked was Hamish, and even he wasn’t around much. The concept was good, but the writing wasn’t.

I would need to read another book ASAP to get rid of the tart taste this book left within my mouth and brain. As I’m writing this, I still can’t believe that I couldn’t like a Cecelia Ahern book. All her works always had such interesting stories in them, and they always had unusual hints of magic, it’s what made me love her previous books so much. This book didn’t have any of that. Don’t think I’m not open to diversifications; the story just needed to be written with conviction to be liked by me.

This book had too much of reality inside it to be considered fiction, if you’re someone who looks forward to some spice or magic in your books, this isn’t for you. 2/5 stars.