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By SAMAMA, Aug 4 2020 07:23PM

This is the first time I ever became a fan of an 8 year old badass girl who hit bullies with her metal lunch box for trying to look under her skirt and clobbered guys for bullying other girls – ladies and gentlemen, this little girl was from the 1950’s, and she was hilarious.

At many points, it felt like the child version of me was talking in the book ‘Life Lessons & Tales of Misfit’. “I just couldn’t see the point in taking a nap, isn’t that what sleeping at night was for?” - exactly me all the time until I turned 12 and my studies hit me like a stone. This book, in an adorable way, made me feel that it’s okay to be different. It made me wish I had read this book when I was younger.

I grew up in a house full of boys so my Tom boyish ways were never frowned upon as I was happy with the boyish toys we already had at home, I loved wearing my brothers’ childhood clothes, and loved watching WWE wrestling and Top Gear with them, although I’d still go ecstatic for clothes with pictures of Barbie on them. While my tom boyishness weren’t frowned upon by my family, it surely was by the society. They’d tell me to wear more girly clothes, sit like a girl (???) and talk softly – like a girl. I’d go to my family and tell them all this, and they’d soothe me in a way that now, as a grown-up, I feel nothing but amused when people tell me how to act like a proper, decent girl.

It’s the first time in a long time I didn’t want a book to end. Every childhood issues were described in the cutest ways for children to learn and understand easily. This book taught us that life isn’t what it always seems and its okay – it’s okay to be different. I can’t wait for the second part of this book to come out!

5/5 stars for the adorable children’s book.

By SAMAMA, Aug 3 2020 11:23AM

The Sister of Straygarden Place was such an amazing and magical story to read. It was about three sisters living in a palace where everything was done for them by the house itself – magically. From cooking delightful dishes for the girls to dressing them up in the most stunning dresses, the house did it all, plus it cleaned the house and did the dishes for them too. It would’ve been the perfect house to get into during this quarantine, am I right?

However, there’s a twist. You must give something up in order to live in this house, something that you always needed. The house will steal something vital from you in exchange of its services, and it’s their choice of what they get to keep. They can take away your sleep, your scene of taste, your peace, your sunlight, your ANYTHING, and you can’t get out of the house. So the story revolves on solving the missing parents of the sisters and how things take a tough turn when the oldest sister Winnow grows mysteriously ill.

This book was fun to read, and as it’s a middle grade book, I never expected to go through such an emotional roller coaster while reading it. The book, in a way, taught us that patience and courage can overcome all hardships if we gave it a shot.

I was hoping for a deeper connection and trustworthiness between the three sisters though, which I couldn’t find until later. But that matter did not bother me once the story began turning mysterious and I got introduced to many interesting characters on the way – like Tutto, a hippopotamus who TALKS and lives in a library and reads out stories to you, and Droomhunds who are cute little doggies who help the sleep deprived sisters sleep at night and stay with them all the time, entertaining them and loving them unconditionally.

A very peculiar and imaginative story that I’m sure middle graders would love. 3/5 stars.

“People are like stories if you give them enough time to reveal themselves.”

By SAMAMA, Jul 27 2020 12:58PM

The book Zombierella didn’t only look wonderful from the outside, but the story inside was wonderful too, with all the peculiar twists and turns in the life (or death?) of Cinderella written in the most amusing and comical way. It was literally the best twisted version of Cinderella I HAD EVER READ.

This adorable book revolves around Cinderella, who lives and works all day for her FAKE sisters and mother in the most tiresome way. One night, after her FAKE family goes out to the ball to dance with the mysterious prince, Cinderella slips on the stairs and DIES!! The death angel walks in then and revives her for three nights ahead so she could live and enjoy life for a limited time and dance with the prince! Things take a mischievous turn then that makes you wonder, did this fairy tale really go bad, or did the fairy tale go riotously right?

The illustrations in this book were so beautiful, SO BEAUTIFUL, I felt all giddy like a child while reading the story and looking through its illustrations. I kept smiling as I read through some adorable pages, and understood the poor girl’s hardships in many pages too, and it made me wonder how - in a way, the kids of this generation were learning so many things that the teachers and our elders were frightened to teach us when we were young, about grief and sadness – especially after losing a loved person or a pet - in a healthy way. I know kids can’t go out and play like we used to, but they can surely read books much more fascinating than we used to.

5 out of 5 stars for this gem that’ll be releasing everywhere this September 3, 2020. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟