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Book Review with spoilers ahead for: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

By SAMAMA, Feb 6 2019 10:21AM

Spoilers Alert!

Ok so… as you all must already know, I completely love and admire every single book and characters Sarah J Maas writes about, and I loved Heir of Fire too, bur just not as much as I loved all her other books. I will tell you why,

Starting from the beginning, I simply loved how confident, smart and unbreakable Celeana Sardothein was. I loved her so much that I felt like I was taking in her positive energy and liveliness within myself. Somehow, she made a part of me feel more confident and much happier. But this book… it showed a very sad and vulnerable side of Celeana that broke my heart, it somehow felt like Nehemia’s death broke her just too much, more than Sam Corland’s. That made me sad thus disappointed.

New characters were introduced through this book in this series, from them Aedion was my most favorite. Manon’s story felt kind of dragged, but I didn’t mind as it was giving us specific details on her life.

Rowan was interesting, but he kind of ruined it (I don’t know why) when he slapped Celeana. It doesn’t matter what she said to him, he just shouldn’t have done that. He did a lot to redeem himself, but once someone does something like that, it simply gets really difficult for me to forgive them. I hope Rowan can change my mind in the next book.

Chaol and Celeana were literally my favorite couple, I had absolutely loved their beautiful and carefree friendship before everything went to hell. He gave up a lot for Celeana, so I hope she can see through his mistakes and take him back as her friend or even better, her boyfriend.

Dorian and Sorscha. So from the time their relationship started brewing I knew something would definitely go wrong, so when Sorscha died, I was sad but not shocked. Something needed to be done in order to snap Dorian up!

All my friends who read the ToG series told me to read the Queen of Shadows, they told me it’ll get so much better. So I am going to trust them and start reading the next book from this series.

A 2.5 out of 5 stars from me.

Sorry not sorry for writing such a long review.

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