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Book Review for: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

By SAMAMA, Sep 25 2018 01:06PM

Yet again Tahereh Mafi impressed me immensely by her writing and she just topped in favorite authors list by writing a book as thrilling as Unravel Me. Her writing style is so good. Sometimes I feel like reading her words aloud. But apparently my mind reads better than my mouth does! LOL.

This sequel to the book Shatter Me was unable to bore me. And I am so hooked with this series entirely. Unravel Me gave me so many different kind of chills, anger and sentiments that I didn’t get in any other book like this before.

All the characters were so interesting in their own way, really! That’s what made this series so special. The main character: Juliette; grew so beautifully in every chapter that her success truly made me happy.

If you are asking yourself and wondering if this series is worth jumping into, then your answer is definitely a YES! You will not regret it, it’ll be one of those series that you’d be thrilled to re-read.

I’d give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. That’s a big deal because I barely ever give any book 5 stars, especially not in a series and definitely not twice to the same author.

My favorite quote: “Loneliness is a strange sort of thing. It creeps on you, quiet and still, sits by your side in the dark, strokes by your hair as you sleep. It wraps itself around your bones, squeezing so tight you almost can't breathe. It leaves lies in your heart, lies next to you at night, leaches the light out of every corner. It's a constant companion, clasping your hand only to yank you down when you're struggling to stand up.”

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