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Book Review for: Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

By SAMAMA, Oct 24 2018 10:29AM

Celaena Sardothien yet again topped on the list of ‘my most favorite badass character!’ What I loved the most about Throne of Glass was how badass and awesome Celaena Sardothien was, and of course the breathtaking twist and turns in this very entertaining novel.

Before starting this series I was quite skeptical about it because for me; hyped books were always good at disappointing me. But after reading this I’m quite sure Sarah J Maas is one of those authors for me whose books I can buy without even looking at its synopsis.

What I also loved very much was how Celaena (the main lead) never gave up on anything, even after every horrifying things she went through, every hardships. She never stopped smiling and she never stopped caring. Its something a lot of people would find exceedingly difficult to do. If that’s not something to love and admire about her, I don’t know what is!

My favorite quote: “We all bear scars,... Mine just happen to be more visible than most.”

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars

Synopsis: The book series is about the journey of Celaena Sardothien, the most feared assassin in a corrupted kingdom with a dictatorial ruler.

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