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Book Review for: The Wicked King by Holly Black

By SAMAMA, Aug 13 2020 06:08PM

It’s unfair for you to play with an individual’s feeble heart just because you CAN, Holly Black. I love you, but I also hate you for writing such an intense and excruciatingly compelling novel. I was glued to the book for the last 4 days, you can know from that little detail how much the book compelled me to read on. When my friends told me The Wicked King would be better than its first book (The Cruel Prince), I couldn’t believe them. I mean, HOW could a book be better than that? BUT my goodness, I was AMAZED at the level of entertainment I received from this book.

I ended up loving all the characters I had loved in the first book doubly and ended up hating the ones I did even more. I loved how the author was able to make us love and hate the characters according to her will. Just like Victoria Aveyard had said, Holly Black is indeed a Faerie Queen.

I am going to keep this review spoiler free and only say that this series will definitely keep you entertained, and at some points, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, and you’ll constantly freak out and would feel like talking to someone about the story just like I did. So if you decide on reading this, know that I’m here for you!

5/5 stars for this fantastic piece of artwork. “Pain makes you strong, Madoc once told me, making me lift a sword again and again. Get used to the weight.”

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