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Book Review for The Angels Unlimited Series by Annie Dalton

By SAMAMA, May 30 2019 09:45AM

✨The Angels Unlimited series✨

This middle grade book series is about a girl who dies at the age of 12, leaving her mother and sister behind. And this is where her story begins.

She now resides in - paradise - with her new best friends in an unbelievably fancy city with malls where you can shop for free, eat in amazing restaurants with delicious meals that only expect your compliments in return, play in parks with exhilarating rides and live in homes that are built for luxury. And she’s happy.

And the best part, she is literally an angel for the people still in living in the world! She gets a task in hand from the Angels Academy school every once in a while to go to a specific era, like 1900’s or 1940’s or even in the future and help a specific family or person in need.

This series is among those books that changed my way of thinking about life rather drastically. After I lost a loved one when I was a child, this series made me believe that she’s actually in a much better place, and she’s having fun and shopping like crazy and maybe even missing me sometimes?

A really heart touching story written BEAUTIFULLY! A must read.

A 5 out of 5 stars for this heart touching series.

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