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Book Review for: Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi

By SAMAMA, Mar 10 2021 10:13AM

I jumped into Imagine Me with a prejudiced mindset of being disappointed, but to my astonishment, I actually ended upliking it. I won’t call it the perfect conclusion to a long, amazing, heart wrenching book series but it was really good - especially the ending, I loved it immensely.

***Spoiler Alert***

The first half of the book revolved around Juliette screaming her lungs out and Kenji trying to reach her, and then Juliette went into a coma and Warner went mean and silent. So technically both the characters I was rooting for the most in the last book were absolutely silent almost throughout the book, and that kind of frustrated me as Imagine Me was the last book of this long and beautiful story and I wanted to hear more from them.

We got to see a new side of Anderson, the side where he wasn’t a complete asshole, and it was almost nice seeing that. And the twist where Juliette found him ‘beautiful’ after her memories were washed away was hilarious and weird at the same time, especially when we got to see him feel extremely uncomfortable about it.

The final war and the part where Nazeera rescued all the children of the supreme commanders whooshed by too quickly for me to take it all in. I was hoping to get all the details of the grand rescue but upon seeing the little amount of pages left in the book, I knew better than expect that.

However, the last chapter of the book – the chapter of Warner and Juliette’s wedding day, was my most favorite of them all. We got to see that a day didn’t need to be pitch perfect to feel beautiful. Their wedding outfits were ruined, Warner was riotously pissed at Kenji for accidentally doing that, and it was generally a mess, yet everyone sounded so happy, and NORMAL. I loved it.

And Kenji, oh dear, he’s so hilarious I love him, so much. I love him so much I wish there comes a book again that gives us extensive details on how his mind works and shows us how his relationship with Nazeera evolves.4.5 out of 5 stars.

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