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By SAMAMA, Jul 27 2019 07:46AM

Why She Lied had very powerful messages about the 21th century abduction and slavery, the information I found in this story about our world today shocked me enough to make it feel like a punch in the face! The rate of abductions of women and girls and then slavery is way much higher than it was when SLAVERY WAS LEGAL around 200 years ago. This information disgusts me, and it saddens me.

As I kept reading, the story slowly started getting very dark and intense, but something felt missing. Even though the story felt interesting and eye opening, the writing could’ve been so much better.

I never wanted to say this because the story has been genuinely interesting, but it really could’ve been portrayed better. I couldn’t find the connection with any of the characters while reading even though I wanted to, and usually I don’t have to try so hard to get connected.

I had to skim through the last couple of chapters, only because the main character kept repeating the same questions and same issues she went through constantly, so much that at a point it simply felt frustrating.

2 out of 5 stars. ⭐⭐

I really wish I could give this book a better rating, but then I would be lying.

By SAMAMA, Jul 25 2019 05:50PM

Review for Before Birth, Beyond Life: Before Birth, Beyond Life might be a children’s book, but it truly touched my heart. Especially the last page, that piece of paper with words and colors literally broke my heart!

This book was like a letter from their mother to their daughters, from the point of their daughter’s birth till the mother’s last breath. But the way the book described everything, especially the hereafter, made the whole life’s journey look so magical and beautiful.

A book your daughters will surely love!

Review for The Cosmos that Allah has Designed: The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed is a Muslim children’s book that had a burst of cozy colors in it that floated up into my mind and soothed it. It’s something that would help children learn about the cosmos; as well as get tactfully informed that indeed, Allah is the creator of everything.

The perfect bedtime story for children.

By SAMAMA, Jul 20 2019 07:17PM

The first 4 chapters of Tower of Dawn were the only few chapters that felt kind of stretched out, only because new characters were introduced. But! As soon as I got familiar with the new characters, this book turned out so much better than I expected it to be. I loved it SO much!

I loved how Chaol Westfall evolved into his better self, I loved how interesting the new characters were, I loved how I got to know more about Nesryn Faliq and I simply LOVED Antica. The author described the city Antica so beautifully; it was a picturesque mixture of Sharjah, Ankara and Rome, my absolute favorites!

5 out of 5 stars for this captivating book and for my darling, Chaol Westfall. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐