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By SAMAMA, May 13 2021 10:51AM

The Last Hotel is the first book I ever read that spoke about the pandemic, so when I say I haven’t read anything like this before, I MEAN IT.

The description of southern France given in this book was so beautifully written, that I actually felt like I was walking through the streets of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, enjoying their wonderful weather and eating the best baguettes and pastries while admiring their perfect view.

This book also gave me a deep insight on Europe; it gave me details on how the comforting vibe of that continent suddenly changed during the pandemic, how the friendly ambiance of Europe changed into a fearful one. The first chapters made me wish I could’ve visited Italy and France, the chapters that came next made me glad I hadn’t.

As I read about the corona virus from this book, everything felt and sounded so surreal. I couldn’t believe it that we actually walked through a pandemic! It all sounded so weird and dystopian yet all of it was - and still is, very real, the corona virus is still out there, and it still is so scary.

In the future, when people forget how the pandemic actually changed the world, they can step back and read this book to remember! And the ones who did not exist in this era, can read this book in the future and get a glimpse of how life was during the LOCKDOWN.

This book is about different people, with different backgrounds from different sides of the world getting locked in an unknown country and finding each other in The Last Hotel available - a small cozy hotel over a sweet smelling bakery that was next to a bookshop. The strangers, with time, became family and found love and new meaning in their lives in the process. They fell in love with France.

Although the lockdown brought new opportunities into the lives of the characters in the book to shine, it was so different for many people in real life. There were people who were depressed for the first time, because before the pandemic, they never had the time to think alone. There were also many people who wished for nothing but their loved ones to stay healthy, and there were many who ended up losing their loved ones too.

We can never forget, the pandemic might have been a refreshing newness for some, it was a terrible turn in life for many - and it still is.

Stay safe everyone, and take care of each other.

5/5 stars from me as I really enjoyed the book immensely!

By SAMAMA, Mar 28 2021 11:21AM

You can call me dramatic all you want, but The Secret Life of Dubai’s Street Cats really made my heart melt – in a good way. The book portrayed the life of the street cats and their scary yet peculiar adventures so profoundly and so beautifully, that I fell in love! The arts on it simply magnified the beauty of it all.

I completed this book in one sitting; it was that marvelously written. I know for sure that both the kids and adults would love this book immensely. The story was almost like a roller coaster ride for me, it made me smile, it made me laugh, and it saddened me whenever the cats got sad or hungry. The personality of each cat was so distinct and so adorable, so down-to-earth and so innocent that I ended up forming an unbreakable bond with the 4 cutie catties in just an hour.

I would highly recommend this to kids, as by reading this book, they will understand animals. This book will teach them to love them, to respect their presence and recognize the fact that they have feelings too! When they learn to respect animals, they’ll learn to respect humans and the world too...

We as adults have a lot to learn from children’s books as well - we should read them sometimes; as they have the ability to remind us of the basic values of life, empathy and friendship, something we often forget along the way as we grow up.

5/5 stars for this marvelous book.

And lastly, you must know, both cats and dogs are lovely creatures. My heart breaks for all the poor street cats and dogs out there that need food and water but can’t find them, so they go to sleep starving. Let’s all take out a minute to pray for them. Let’s pray that all the cats and dogs of the world gets plenty of food and love tonight, and every night ahead. I believe if we pray hard enough, it’ll come true. x

By SAMAMA, Mar 28 2021 11:17AM

The complicated relationship between a mother in-law and a daughter in-law was defined profoundly in this beautiful book called When the Two Seas Meet. This book had my earnest attention from the very first chapter - where the author mentioned about how, even with different backgrounds and lifestyles, individuals can live together in harmony if they give each other their own space and boundaries - just like the two seas mentioned in the Quran, about how the two ocean never cross each other’s line, and in the process reserve their own unique magnificence. I found that example beautiful...

I found this book very useful - even though I’m not a mother in law. It spoke about adjusting with new people in your life, and that’s something I’ve always been nervous about, as I’ve always found a special sort of comfort within my small group of people I trust.

When the Two Seas Meet teaches us how to adjust with new people in our lives with plenty of beautifully compiled advices and Islamic references, so it’s good for anyone who’s having difficulties adjusting with new members in their family or in their friend circle.

If I ever have a mother in law, I’ll make sure to gift this to her and suggest her to read it so we can understand and find love for each other in this rather confusing world.

This book teaches us how to adjust with new people in our life with a lot of beautifully compiled advices with Islamic references, making it all more unique.

This book gets a 5/5 stars from me.

“Your wounds can be turned into your wisdom; your stumbling blocks can be your stepping stones if you choose. Do not miss the remarkable opportunity that adversity and even tragedy presents. Your life can be even better by the things that break your heart...”