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Book Ratings

Josh&Hazel 3 star

I’m giving this book a 3/5 stars because I’ve read better stories, and also because I’ve read worse ones.

gargantis magical 5 star

The writing was simple, profound and beautiful. Gargantis is perfect for children AND grown-ups with a childish heart - just like me!

Berverly - Copy

It truly felt like summer was finally here when I read the first few chapters of Beverly, Right Here

3 star tftm

The hint of magic she has in all her contemporary fiction stories is something I always aspire in books.

4 star wbba 3 star

The reason this book was written by the author was to make you see life from a different perspective


I thought Sci-Fi wasn’t a genre for me, but oh boy was I wrong.

4 star zombierella 2.1 5 star

It was literally the best twisted version of Cinderella I HAD EVER READ.

the sisters of sgp

The book was about three sisters living in a palace where everything was done for them by the house itself – magically

3 star misfit

This is the first time I ever became a fan of an 8 year old badass girl

5 star thewickedkingrn

It’s unfair for you to play with an individual’s feeble heart just because you CAN, Holly Black.

5 star love

This book was such a sweet, simple and fluffy piece of artwork.

5 star thequeenof nothing

Amazing, fantastic, marvelous, wonderful, out of the world, awesome - ok, I’m out of adjectives.

4 star marilyn

My heart is filled with so much love and respect for marilyn after reading this.

5 star marble redo

I just wanted to finish this boring book up ASAP.

2 star youareoneofthem

You’re One of Them clicked my heart from the very first page

5 star go7

I loved the creative mind of the author of The Genesis of Seven.

3 star 28 Mansions of the Moon

28 Mansions of the Moon has been the most sophisticated book I read this year.

4 star pigeon whisperer

I knew The Pigeon Whisperer would be an absolute 5 stars read for me as soon as I completed the first chapter

5 star elfhame

whatever my complains might be; as it’s a Holly Black book, you’d definitely love the story and the characters a lot

4 star