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Book Ratings

Josh&Hazel 3 star

I’m giving this book a 3/5 stars because I’ve read better stories, and also because I’ve read worse ones.

gargantis magical 5 star

The writing was simple, profound and beautiful. Gargantis is perfect for children AND grown-ups with a childish heart - just like me!

Berverly - Copy

It truly felt like summer was finally here when I read the first few chapters of Beverly, Right Here

3 star 1000

I thought Sci-Fi wasn’t a genre for me, but oh boy was I wrong.

4 star zombierella 2.1 5 star

It was literally the best twisted version of Cinderella I HAD EVER READ.


It’s unfair for you to play with an individual’s feeble heart just because you CAN, Holly Black.

5 star love

This book was such a sweet, simple and fluffy piece of artwork.

5 star marilyn

My heart is filled with so much love and respect for marilyn after reading this.

5 star marble redo

I just wanted to finish this boring book up ASAP.

2 star go7

I loved the creative mind of the author of The Genesis of Seven.

3 star 28 Mansions of the Moon

28 Mansions of the Moon has been the most sophisticated book I read this year.

4 star pigeon whisperer

I knew The Pigeon Whisperer would be an absolute 5 stars read for me as soon as I completed the first chapter

5 star elfhame

whatever my complains might be; as it’s a Holly Black book, you’d definitely love the story and the characters a lot

4 star Imagine Me Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep Shamed

Not a sad book, but a happy one, something that soothes a grieving heart...

Last book of an epic series could've been better. Rated it high for my favorite characters

This book horrified me. I was scared to pick this book up and finish it.

5 star 5 star 4 star a prom to remember

A Prom to Remember promised me a lot of fun and entertaining teenage drama - it did not fulfill it's promise

2 star when two seas meet

The complicated relationship between a mother in-law & a daughter in-law was defined profoundly in this book

street cats of dxb

You can call me dramatic all you want, but The Secret Life of Dubai’s Street Cats really made my heart melt

5 star 5 star