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Book Ratings

sofia khan

This is the type of book that you'll want to read again & again.

4 star woman in the window pic

A book filled with astonishingly unpredictable revelations

3 star Catwoman 4 star

This book had all the thrill and action a suspenseful story like this should have

queen of shadows

If Heir of Fire was my least favorite book, Queen of Shadows turned out to be my MOST favorite book

5 star dreamology

I would've given it a 2 stars if I had to judge the book only by it's main characters.

3 star

A really heart touching story written BEAUTIFULLY! A must read.

the angels unlimited series 5 star tower of dawn

I loved everything about this book, SO MUCH

5 star why she lied

The story ws good but the writing could've been so much better

2 star confess cover

Confess was unpredictable through and through, and I loved it.

5 star Restore Me 2.1 3 star

Restore Me: Not my most favorite book from the series.

defy me4

This book made me happy.

5 star november 9 5 star

my heart is still sour from everything this book made me read and feel through

one of us is lying

This book held its promise true, the ending SHOOK me

4 star outthere

As I finished the first chapter of Out There, I quickly realized I shouldn’t have picked this book up

1 star thelostgirl by rlstine - Copy

This book didn't have the magic and mystery I was hoping for, but it was good.

3 star 2

the book was sort of interesting and maybe even suspenseful?

3 star Josh&Hazel 3 star

I’m giving this book a 3/5 stars because I’ve read better stories, and also because I’ve read worse ones.

nocturnal 5 star

I never knew a few words combined together could make you feel so many things.


This book will leave your heart raw and weeping, but by the end you’ll feel contented.

4 star