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A must read if you're an avid reader! 4/5 stars

I zoned out most of the time while reading it. 2.5/5 stars

An amazing book written wonderfuly! 5/5 stars

You will not regret reading this series, really! 5/5 stars

18443422_262032374269323_9181226755434741760_n 2 star 5 star 5 star 4 star
17881630_1740836982875247_5590154623009685504_n 17126547_281873505577683_5607253643729305600_n

A little long, but worth reading. 3/5 stars

Starts slowly, but ends up being awesome. 3/5 stars

Don't jugde a book by it's cover. I did. 1/5 stars


A good book if you'd like to know about Kabul. 3/5 stars

3 star 1 star 3 star 3 star
18011308_498756890248675_6228088172773900288_n 10632390_1491099791193691_467508135_n 15306088_244597799286599_2683162418812551168_n 18096131_415293642183759_2766089235046858752_n

This book was funny, but it wasn't as much later 2.5/5


If you're a new reader, you'd love it! 4/5 stars

18161703_267951430281279_2910637725193338880_n 18950437_456407488085312_3244330729605169152_n

it's not the best book ever, nor is it the worst. 2/5 stars

It's interesting from the start till the end! 5/5 stars

4 star 5 star 2 star 2 star

I loved this book so much I still can't get over it! 5/5 stars


2/5 stars. This book was as slow as a turtle.

Cliche at first but serious later. 4/5 Stars

20759363_1886165321645792_3156367321186959360_n 19228807_463613423991324_8371772518473662464_n

Once you start reading it, you wouldn't be able to put it down. 5/5 stars

5 star 2 star 5 star 4 star

If you find Romance novels lame, this book's best for you

22709490_290771281424316_667278986828578816_n WhatsApp Image 2017-10-26 at 3.38.55 PM

It certainly wasn’t the serious type of book, it was silly AND it was funny

3 star 3 star 22802110_1747170112252140_7543143138026586112_n 4 star


23846760_1769129983128041_220909697_o 2 star

It definiely could have been better

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-26 at 3.38.31 PM 4 star

If you hate feeling heartbroken, don't read this.


OMG this book is so good!

5 star 26994410_1843691715671867_837896571_n

This is a very brave novel.

5 star 33982942_2015116958529341_7093313500671377408_n

A classic fantasy. 3.5 stars

3 star
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-06 at 11.49.37 AM (6)

Provides a very important social message in a hilarious way

4 star new new

A beautiful story written smartly, an eye opener

3 star IMG_5102 5 star

Big Little Steps honestly touched my heart.

23949585_1769129993128040_809192206_o 3 star

A perfect spring time read

the day1 3 star

Finally! A poetry book that I actually liked

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-06 at 11.49.37 AM (1)

A super cute and light read

5 star 23847711_1769129883128051_1200810654_o

A beautiful gothic romance novel

4 star 3 star 39396423_1849719511740372_1617993426844778496_n

Not my most favorite book from the series but its a good one

23828550_1769130063128033_1398695594_o 2 star

for the ones who love super cute romance novels,

crown of midnight

SJM books are always so adventurous to read.

4 star 42479328_303004560513150_184326651880931328_n

An absolute lovable series

5 star

kind of confusing, but very interesting if you know how to read


44329741_2274543975919970_8034528151633657856_n 3 star
the language of flowers

My goodness.. What an annoying book.


2 star riding the bullct

Kinda scary but fun to read too!

3 star 23279731_298426740562254_4778956556311986176_n

If you haven’t read this book, now is the best time you should.

4 star milk and honey

What the hell did I just read?

2 star
a very large expanse of sea

A very beautiful and thought-provoking novel.

5 star heir of fire 2 star

Love this series, but not this book.

Pride and Prejudice

Best classic and the best slow burn romance novel you'll ever read

3 star 29634649_1929901090384262_1298305680_o

A very good book for elementary students

3 star
IMG_E7461 5 star

A book with a beautifully unique story


you may now kill the bride 5 star

Can R.L Stine ever write anything boring? NEVER

how i became a farmers wife

An interesting summer read.

3 star 39409167_462088430934196_643830965063385088_n

A book with an awesome female badass lead


4 star
painting kuwait violet pic

A book that left an invisible scar.

4 star forty rules of love new

A kind of book that leaves an impact on you and your life

4 star not yours but forever

This book has been written so beautifully that I think I’m going to cry

4 star ignite me

As always, Tehereh Mafi never fails to entertains me

3 star
to kill a kindom

To kill a Kingdom had a really nice mixture of the Young Adult and Fantasy genre

3 star 41000675_1841536565933043_3633135972675223552_n

OMG this book is so good! Please read it!

4 star empire of storms pic 5 star

Empire of Storms was filled with adventures and amusements

TBT 5 star

the word ‘incredible’ doesn’t feel like enough for this book

tog series

Oh dear! What a journey this book has been

5 star a man called ove

A 5 out of 5 stars especially for the grumpy old man called Ove.

5 star
from twinkle

Such a perfectly paced book, I loved every bit of it.

4 star children's books

Bright and beautiful children's books

5 star queen of shadows

If Heir of Fire was my least favorite book, Queen of Shadows turned out to be my MOST favorite book

5 star Restore Me 2.1 3 star

Restore Me: Not my most favorite book from the series.


As I finished the first chapter of Out There, I quickly realized I shouldn’t have picked this book up

1 star 2

the book was sort of interesting and maybe even suspenseful?

3 star
sofia khan

This is the type of book that you'll want to read again & again.

4 star woman in the window pic

A book filled with astonishingly unpredictable revelations

3 star confess cover

Confess was unpredictable through and through, and I loved it.

5 star