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empire of storms pic 5 star

Empire of Storms was filled with adventures and amusements

tog series

Oh dear! What a journey this book has been

5 star a man called ove

A 5 out of 5 stars especially for the grumpy old man called Ove.

5 star from twinkle

Such a perfectly paced book, I loved every bit of it.

4 star children's books

Bright and beautiful children's books

5 star queen of shadows

If Heir of Fire was my least favorite book, Queen of Shadows turned out to be my MOST favorite book

5 star Restore Me 2.1 3 star

Restore Me: Not my most favorite book from the series.


As I finished the first chapter of Out There, I quickly realized I shouldn’t have picked this book up

1 star 2

the book was sort of interesting and maybe even suspenseful?

3 star sofia khan

This is the type of book that you'll want to read again & again.

4 star woman in the window pic

A book filled with astonishingly unpredictable revelations

3 star confess cover

Confess was unpredictable through and through, and I loved it.

5 star

A really heart touching story written BEAUTIFULLY! A must read.

the angels unlimited series 5 star november 9 5 star

my heart is still sour from everything this book made me read and feel through

defy me4

This book made me happy.

5 star dreamology

I would've given it a 2 stars if I had to judge the book only by it's main characters.

3 star ignite me

As always, Tehereh Mafi never fails to entertains me

3 star
thelostgirl by rlstine - Copy

This book didn't have the magic and mystery I was hoping for, but it was good.

3 star tower of dawn

I loved everything about this book, SO MUCH

5 star why she lied

The story ws good but the writing could've been so much better

2 star EVEN MORE RATINGS 41000675_1841536565933043_3633135972675223552_n

OMG this book is so good! Please read it!

4 star TBT 5 star

the word ‘incredible’ doesn’t feel like enough for this book

one of us is lying

This book held its promise true, the ending SHOOK me

4 star