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I bought this as my special Halloween read

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The name was just too interesting

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The awesome books I bought from the SIBF last year. It was EPIC.

Fruits from the mountains of Fujairah and colorful books!

The beautiful books I received directly from the publishers

Just a random picture of my bookshelf guard Bonny and books

My TBR books from February. All of these books were fantastic!

Thank you to Magrudy's and Usborne books  for gifting me these!

Bitter coffee and books, an imperfectly perfect combination.

Read and loved both of these amazing novels.

My denim jacket and lots and lots of beautiful and colorful books.

My purchased books from the SIBF 2019. Loved Catwoman immensely

Two beautiful colorful books in my gorgeous colorful car.

Starbucks coffee and the books that are too good to be so unknown.

Read them all and loved them all immensely.

My Spring Break book haul! I just noticed how white all the colors of the books are.

My Cuite Kitty Cat plus hardcovered books.

My full beloved collection of the Throne of Glass series.

Books and more books plus bookish photography props.

This book haul picture was so epic, I literally got 200 Instagram likes.

My epic book haul from the Big Bad Wolf Sale  that took place on my birthday!

Hardcovered books, orange headphones, and my favorite bookmark

book haul july

The books you see piled at the front were bought during the summer

tim hortons

Bought these from the mega sale at the Bookaholics Book SALE