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Annie Woods, the author of First Came Forever took a break from her writing to share a little bit about her adventurous life to us. It was an honor interviewing Annie Woods and I hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I have.


Q. Who inspired you to be an author?


A. I can’t really say that there was one specific person who inspired me to start writing. In a way, it was my parents who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of books, by giving me books at an early age and always coming along to all bookstores I dragged them to. In school I also had some wonderful teachers who encouraged me a lot. And then there was my grandmother who was a painter, but who’d never dared to follow her dream and instead only painted ”for fun” at home, who taught me the importance of being brave enough to pursue your dreams. But I’m a late bloomer, so it took me quite a long time to really do that...


Q. When did you write your first story and how old were you?


A. Well, I’ve always been a book worm, so reading has always been a huge part of my life, and somewhere along the line new stories of my own kept popping up in my mind. But until First Came Forever I didn’t write the stories down, or if I did start to write something I never finished it. I guess I didn’t believe enough in the story or in myself… So First Came Forever is basically the first fiction I’ve written. It’s based on a story that came to me over four years ago on a vacation in California. This time I felt that the story was so strong that I just couldn’t let it go but had to try and write it down. I started writing the outline for the book already on the plane back home. So I’ve lived with the story and the characters for over four years now and I actually think about them as real-life-persons. It’s more like they came to me to let me get to know them, than that I’ve made them up.


Q. What do you like doing when you're not reading?


A. Besides books I also love music, theatre, dance, art and movies; anything that brings magic to your life, really. And, just like Erica in the book, I love to run, so I’m spending quite a lot of time with my running shoes on.


I also love traveling with my family and experiencing the world together and doing outdoor activities, like hiking, surfing or skiing. I’ve been hiking a lot in the Swedish mountains as well as in Yosemite in US and skied a lot in the Alps. I also love Cambodia and Vietnam, which is quite obvious from the book… On the top of my bucket list I have walking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, I hope to be able to do that very soon!


Q. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?


A. I wanted to be a lawyer. Growing up I watched a lot of the lawyer TV shows like Allie McBeal and The Practice and pictured myself as a good lawyer helping out falsely accused persons dressed in amazing clothes and high heels...  (Beside the point, but of all lawyer series I’ve watched The Good Wife is my favorite.)