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I wish to build a school someday, a school where children would never be pressurized into education. They would love studying, not hate it. It’ll be a school where children would be loved for their uniqueness, not judged by their weaknesses.


My Ambition

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- Hi! Welcome to my website. I'm Samama, a writer who loves reading & writing everything fictional. I’m a proud Muslim and a Bengali living in a cozy neighborhood in Sharjah, U.A.E with my beloved family and cats.


- I love reading books, A LOT. I mean, I’ve got a whole website dedicated to it! In the times when I’m not reading, reviewing, blogging or taking pictures of my adored books, I tend to write, A LOT. And when I’m not reading OR writing, you'll probably find me watching TV or Bollywood movies and songs – or travelling and shopping when I’m not at home. I’m a shopaholic *Guilty* I just can’t resist a good deal!


- My life has been quite adventurous so far; I have travelled all around the Middle East with my dad and brothers in their projects almost every week and devoured all kinds of delicious Arabian and Indian meals. I’ve spent most of my childhood and teen years traveling around towns and villages with hills and mountains, ancient mosques and beaches, date palms and deserts with the most elegant sandy dunes. I’ve made a lot of memories to cherish.


- I’ve always been able to express my feelings better through writing than I’ve ever been by talking. I am considered a good listener, stories of people’s unique lives and their histories are like fairy tales for me - all magical and overwhelming, but with a hint of reality in them, I love hearing stories. This is amongst the many reasons why I love spending time with my family; they always have the best stories to tell.

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