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Listening to classic melodies and observing the stars is my favorite thing to do; especially during autumn and winter.


And I love the beach, I love the soothing sound of the ocean.


Sounds cliché right? I don't really care 'cause I love everything cliché.


I have always had a special affection for vampires. I have had ever since I started reading books. I love how classy they are, yet witty and interesting at the same time, and also so understanding. wew!


I never really had a favorite actor though - it was always individual characters played by significant actors that I always fell in love with. For instance, just because I loved the mysterious personality of Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, doesn’t mean I loved Robert Pattinson too.


My most beloved fictional boyfriends include: Rhysand from 'A Court of Mist & Fury', Warner from the Shatter Me series, Peter Kavinsky from 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' and of course Kaz Brekker from 'Six of Crows' are among many others.


I always keep leaning between Choal Westfall and Dorian Havilliard. I read and completed the whole of Throne of Glass series but I still couldn't choose between them.

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Well ever since I was a very little, adorable baby girl I had a major problem with reading & writing things. I generally had troubles with all subjects, especially with maths. Even though I never personally hated mathematics, mathematics certainly always hated me…


Anyway, so my brother bought me my first book that was GOOSEBUMPS’ ‘The Blob That Ate Everyone’ by R.L Stine. The words, the story and the work was so humorously, engagingly and comprehensively written that I instantaneously fell in love with this series. And that’s when words started to look more understandable and interesting to me, and that’s when I began reading more books and became an avid reader.


One of many reasons why R.L Stine will always & forever be my favorite author.

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My reading life in GIFS ...

Flowers kindle joy in my life and soul. Those beautiful colorful things know how to make me happy. Even though my brain accepts and understands why some people dislike flowers as gifts, and I WANT to think the same way, but my heart just doesn’t.


BUT, that doesn’t mean I’d appreciate it if someone brings me only flowers as a gift on my birthdays. Flowers can be like the side dish to a good gift, not a solo one for a birthday. So, GET CREATIVE.

I love all kinds of flowers, especially if they’re the fresh ones.


Apart from Hydrangeas, those little things creep me out.


My most favorites include: all kinds of Roses, Calla Lilies, Camellias and Tulips. I absolutely love the Royal Poinciana trees, they’re always so lovely!


How and why did I get into reading?


My Favorite Flowers...


My favorite types...

A little bit more about me...

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